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I shoot anyone & everyone.  In other words, I want to shoot you & everyone you know.  So… are you rad, fun, creative, inspiring, easy going, intense, or bring something to the table?  Yes?!?!? Then lets do some work… lets do a shoot… & lets produce something on film we can be proud of for a lifetime.

The way I see it is simple… I’m awesome, & if you’re awesome too, get a hold of me so we can be awesome together! 

If there’s a landscape you’d really like photographed to have for your own personal image, e.g. waterfall, mountain, lake, river, coast line, or even your own home, I’m more than willing to go on location and capture the image you’re looking to have. Contact me with an email detailing your location request and a request for pricing.
For those pursuing their own landscape photography adventures in the Northwest, or if you’re visiting and want to capture some great images of your own to take back to your home state, I’ll take you out to any of the locations of the images you see on this site and many other locations in the Northwest, where you too can capture your own images to be proud of.
If you’re searching for a reasonably priced wedding photographer who’s easy to work with, has fun with the wedding party, and will deliver quality images of your special day, email me to discuss what it is you’re looking for with your wedding photography. If I don’t feel the wedding style is a good fit for me I’ll be more than helpful in referring you to another photographer who’ll fit your needs and style.
If you’re searching for a photographer for your personal needs, e.g. sporting events, senior pictures, baby pictures, engagement pictures, business promotional pictures, resume head shots, personal modeling pictures, etc., I’m more than willing to travel to your location and capture the images you’re looking for. Contact me with an email detailing your requests.

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